What we offer

Supplier identification and evaluation

  • Our suppliers are selected based on their reputation, product quality and price point.

Costing and manufacture

  • Product customisation
  • Determine relevant mould, print and setup costs.
  • Verify pricing, specification, quality and approximate landed cost.
  • Obtain necessary samples from supplier.
  • Negotiate lead times and develop a contract with the supplier.

Quality assurance

  • Our quality representative will visit the production site to monitor product quality and specifications during manufacture and supervise container loadings.
  • We undertake detailed testing and send samples for laboratory analysis when required.

Consolidation services

  • Chinese manufacturers will generally only manufacture to order and carry small quantities of stock. We provide our clients with the ability to consolidate small orders, from multiple factories, into a single shipment.

Documentation and logistics

  • Our supply manager will organise and negotiate competitive freight rates.
  • Facilitate and assist with all stages of the transport process including International shipping.
  • Our Australian office can assist the importer to negotiate service charges prior to importation and calculate the landed cost per consignment.
  • We will ensure that all documentation meets the importing country’s requirements.
  • Facilitate and assist with Customs clearance and quarantine issues through our clearance agents and freight-forwarders.

Ongoing client support

  • Continue to monitor product quality and specification standards.
  • Our Australian team regularly travel to our supplier’s factories to undertake inspections and quality management.
  • Assist our clients with travel arrangements and escort them to meet with suppliers if required.


We can help with a whole range of services from start to finish.




Western High Pty Ltd is located in Brisbane, Australia with an office in Shanghai, China.

We actively manage supply chains across Japan, Thailand, Philippines, China, Central and South America, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia, with further international development work in progress.

We welcome discussion on your sourcing needs.





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